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Welcome to my RV-10 Build Log!

RV-10 Specifications
Exterior Dimensions
Span 31 ft 9in.
Length 24 ft 5 in.
Height 8 ft 8 in
Wing Area 148 sq ft
Empty Weight 1520-1630 lbs to correspond with engine choices. 
Gross Weight 2700 lbs
Wing Loading   18.6 lb/sq ft
Power Loading  13.5 - 10.4  lb/hp
Engine 210-260 hp
Propeller  Hartzell C/S
Fuel Capacity 60 US gal
Baggage 100 lbs

Build Log Entries
  • Flap sub-assembly
    Date: 12/24/2018
    Hours: 2.0
    Section: Wings
    Sub-Section: Right & Left Flap
    ManualRef: 22-3;4
    Log #: 297

    I haven't been doing a stellar job in keeping my blog updated with the progress. That said I have finally gotten some time to work on the plane.
    Started out by cutting and smoothing the extra tab on all the ribs for both flaps. I used a tin snips and it worked mostly ok. There was one of the ribs that the tin snips ended bending the metal beyond where the instructions say to cut it. So I ended up sanding down to where the crack had formed do to the bend and remove the crack by sanding it down. I think that should be structurally ok. With that out of the way it was time to assemble the inner structure of the flaps.
    Clecoing the ribs and the other components wasn't particularly hard. But I must admit it took me a few extra minutes to make sure I had the right orientation on the right flap. I wonder if there is something I an do to make it easier to visualize what the mirror image of something looks like (or should look like).
    All in all a great few working sessions.
    The wind was really taken out of my sails because I have to re-build the right aileron. I'm less than happy about it and made me wonder after all these years if I'm really doing a good job with the build. I will just chuck it up as an expensive learning experience.
  • Flap construction continues
    Date: 12/08/2018
    Hours: 1.0
    Section: Wings
    Sub-Section: Right & Left Flap
    ManualRef: 22-2;3;4
    Log #: 296

    Lately I haven't been doing a stellar job in writing down every time I work on the plane. A few weeks ago I finished prepping the edges of both the right and left flap components. Also I built the cradles for the flaps. I think a big part of my slow down has been the fact that I will have to completely rebuild the right aileron.
    Oh well onwards I go with what I can do....
    Today I focused on actually building the flaps rather than worrying of all that I have screwed up. First up was drilling the hinge brackets. Nothing particularly difficult but it reminds me of the first time then instructions called for holes to be drilled in a specific location and how uncomfortable I was doing so. Now days this is a non event. After that I match drilled the hinge bracket to the nose ribs. The one thing it was a little challenging is the fact that the #30 Cleos aren't long enough to hold together the nose ribs the doublers and the hinge brackets. Also my unibit does not go big enough to make good lightening holes on the doublers. Oh well is not structural perse so no biggie.
    With all of that out of the way I moved to the next page where I used the tin snips to cut off metal to the notch specified in the manual. I ended up taking a little too much material off one of the ribs. But overall it went ok.
    On a completely unrelated note. I've been working on revamping this website and modernizing it a bit. But like anything else I just don't have the time. Perhaps one day that too will be completed.
    Either way I will complete this airplane one day. It is sheer determination that will ensure this project gets completed.
  • Flap construction begins!!
    Date: 03/17/2018
    Hours: 4.0
    Section: Wings
    Sub-Section: Flap
    ManualRef: R/L(22-01)
    Log #: 295

    Every day in the shop gets me one day closer to finishing the airplane... even if it is a few months from the last time.

    Real easy day to kickoff the flap construction. First I had to do a little housekeeping in the shop since things were really messy. After that was out of the way it was time to go part hunting. Luckily I have created a searchable database that tells me exactly where each part is located. With all parts laid out on the table it was time to do edge prep work. Nothing complicated but tedious.

    This time I'm planning on building both right and left flaps at the same time. When I was building the ailerons it took some serious mental gymnastics to make sure I built a right and left as opposed to two left ailerons. The trick is that the sub-parts are identical but when you build it you have to make it a mirror image of the other.